Swim report – long open water swim. Belmont Shore

3,268 yds, 1:01 moving time.

I met my friends at Long Beach’s Belmont Shore. We swam around one small island and then back. I wear a floatie with my phone in it. The floatie is highly visible. I also wear a highly visible orange cap. When I do wear a cap, I tend to overheat. I was definitely sweating for awhile after the swim.

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 10.07.29 AMnhOWsq9yRMawwxBIk1KGBwg5GaSmt0RDC2lKPegTmLfg0Cox4HO+RcmxqPS%vOouzgixFg%gNkR8equJUgYFzuCwtibM+0OlQ56lNoFHf5CMdA1azMdxxHRvyPmrSpx4ohvwcR68LgLCTa68PS6LThZ64wssP66mJBTEK6ImNAnNYgEQWBp24Mo6Txy4TRgMp+7zbAPKkThn0WR3GI4JEQOJE5mAFpOLE%jnRMu6Jqt7d8WPqg

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