Ride Report – Long Beach Summer Day

59 miles, 3:07 moving time, 732 ft elevation

There were a bunch of stories from today’s ride to Long Beach. I’ll tell a couple stories I heard, but please feel free to chime in with other sides of the story.

My story: I woke up late and then got stuck on the freeway in a traffic break. I was late by 30 minutes. So, I drove over to Arcadia Golf to meet the Club. But, got there late too. I hopped on my tri-bike and made my way down the Rio Hondo Trail. At the first dam I caught up to Scott. He had broken a rear spoke and tweaked his rear rim. We wrapped it up and removed one brake pad and he set off for home. He said I had just missed the group a few ago. So, headed down again. I ran into a random rider needing help with a flat. I fixed his flat, and set off again. At end of the LA River Trail in Long Beach, I crossed George, Rob, Sven, Peter headed back up to Sierra Madre. I got to Starbucks and met GT and James. A few minutes later, Leanne, Julie, Tiff, and Amy pulled up. Then, a few more minutes later, Steve, Paulo, and Evan pulled up. I was happy to have caught up to the Club. I was equally surprised to have beat the B group, without ever seeing them. Apparently, on the way down, Steve and crew took the first bridge across, instead of the second. The crew went on a wild ride through sketchy towns, railroad tracks, and through hole in fences! Boy, Lynda goes on vacation one day, and the club goes wild.

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 8.39.18 PMd+YXLTkLQ1icOQbdilIkLAAfqSBbg5TkmpW+IXD3Vc%gVjn4MPfKTOK87z4B9mKPBwUJEBQhGKTQeS+lObPfmPjw3geP8gSxRSOBZ8Wr643EfgMGqfXe+TSqe8RXd03tGmxQ

The ‘right bridge’


the wrong bridge.


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