Ride Report – Griffith Park

33.68 miles, 2:41 moving time, 2,848 ft elevation

Clouds broke open on Saturday. The ride started from Jones Coffee in Pasadena. Great ride. We rolled through Eagle Rock and Glendale, then enter Griffith Park from the Burbank side. We climbed up the mountain to see The Valley (San Fernando). We rode over the top, where the trail to the Hollywood sign is. And snapped a few obligatory Hollywood pics. The traffic was routed around for social distancing. We sped down the front side down Western Canyon. Then we flipped it at the barricade, just as Lynda told us (hahahahaha) and climbed back up to the Griffith Observatory. We sped down Vermont Canyon to Inverness – Cromwell – Amesbury – Griffith Park Blvd.. Kirk loved the gravel section to get to Crystal Springs. We made the light to Los Feliz Blvd and onto the Los Angeles River Trail. Smelly. Popped out at Fletcher and rolled back to Eagle Rock. We all (including me and Kirk) went up La Loma’s steep crawl home. Some even went out of their way to tackle Arbor (I’m not sure though, cuz Kirk and I got ‘lost’ at that point). Coffee and good times in the Jones lot.